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  • Talent policy
    Based on the company's long-term development strategy, through a sound training mechanism for reserve cadres, to provide training and career development opportunities for employees.
  • Provide employees with salaries matching their positions, continuously improve their welfare benefits, and take into account market competitiveness and internal equity.

  • Valuing, respecting and achieving talents. In the use of training, in the use of training, to achieve harmonious and win-win development of enterprises and individuals.


Resume delivery

You can fill in the job application form online or send your resume to the mailbox of the Personnel Department of the enterprise. After screening, we will invite you to the company for an interview.

Phone call:0356-5229111Recruitment mailbox:zhaopin@suns-china.com
Company official website:Company address: Jiantou Village Sizhuang Town, Gaoping City, Shanxi Prov. China